Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Exchange

America and France have a love hate
Relationship. We love them, they hate us. 
Not!!!  But what is true is that the French love us and most of what we do and invent. We, love them and everything French. We love their parfums, their
Facial serums, their cheeses, their foie gras, their body lotions, their B&B's in the most unexpected places and the list goes on and on. Oh, and did I say Champagne, liqueurs, digestives,
And the A380 Airbus?  And croissants?

Well they get something in return--McDonald's, rushing about or chasing their tails, tennis shoes, golf, Coke,
Pasteurization, hormones for food, and preservatives, not to mention the chain restaurant. 

So what is the exchange?  Our cultures and coming together. We are learning to cook with savory flavors. They are cooking faster to please all the tourists from around the world that flock to France for "the food."  We, on the other hand are eating mushy croissants. We still don't have brioche but macaroons
Are the cat's meow in big cities. 

So what? Well they give us the best of what they have created over the past
1000 years while we are giving them
Inspirations in how to manipulate food to the point of unhealthiness. Now is this a fair exchange?

Please respond. I'd love to elaborate. 

Billy Cone