Sunday, March 23, 2014


This is a very special time of year for basketball fans.  But what I have noticed
is that non-basketball fans get into March Madness.  It's like all day from Thursday
through Sunday there are exciting hoops games on TV or should I say HDTV?
This crazy love for basketball goes on for three solid weeks.  Once a team is in it the season
matters nothing at all.  Everything is expended--nothing left on the floor.  And this year
many fans are vying for a billion dollars by predicting the brackets--hardly doable!
Almost no game is predictable at this juncture.

Americans go crazy and come together over common events like the Olympics,
but the NCAA Tournament happens this time every year.  The hype is contagious.
TV commercials are saturating the screens with car and insurance ads, and coaches are the heros
or the goats.  The players are sacred.  Stars are born.  Freshmen starters get their
season high scores or go oh for 10 from the field.  Seniors are counted on for something
extra.  All the players know that the pro scouts are in the stands watching everything.  Futures are at stake.  Technicals are prevalent with such emotion and so much at stake.  Dynasties
come tumbling down to no name foes.  Language like, "A 16 beats a 2 or 3.  A 12 beats a 5" is passed around.  Anything is possible on the wood floor round ball sport with a metal hoop.   Long story short, this quest for the Final Four is packed with energy and excitement that sucks us,(even those who don't normally watch B-Ball), in to March Madness.

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  1. I think all the billion $ hopefuls were knocked out by only the 2nd day of the tournament! Just goes to show the incredible odds of picking that perfect bracket.